Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Defense offers a written “90-day” money back guarantee for your satisfaction. Mosquito Defense offers a “lifetime” parts and labor warranty on all components used
in our mosquito misting systems. To honor our warranty, we do require that mosquito system refills, service, maintenance, repairs and modifications must be performed by Mosquito Defense so that our technicians can inspect and ensure that all components are functioning correctly.

As long as the chemicals are used in accordance with the FDA guidelines, they are perfectly safe and will not harm humans or pets. Our trained staff can answer all your questions concerning chemical safety and best application practices.

Our spray insecticides are biodegradable and are harmless to the environment. But there are some surfaces that can feel the effects of the inert ingredients. Our Installation team knows the proper techniques to design a system that locates nozzles to avoid this problem.

Mosquito Defense recommends that a barrier spray be applied every 21-28 days. The barrier spray only takes about 15-20 minutes to cover most backyards. This spray creates a mosquito barrier in the yard and leaves a slight residue on plants and leaves. New mosquitoes entering the area and eating the grass, leaves and shrubbery will be killed on contact.

YES! We have specialists that repair and upgrade many other makes and models of mosquito misting systems. If you are looking for a company to “take over” the maintenance and service of other types of misting systems… we can help you! If you have been abandoned by another company or your system is in disrepair, let us know. Our trained staff stands ready to get your system back online. Note: A Lifetime Warranty is available on any system that Mosquito Defense Solutions services.

Our technicians are trained and qualified to select the specific formulation and dosage to be used. Pyrethrum, which is derived from the chrysanthemum flower, is the insecticide most often in a Mosquito Defense system. Permethrin, is another widely used product that is very
effective, however, this formulation is considered “synthetic” and has no natural properties. Our design professional will evaluate the site prior to selecting the exact product and formulation to be used. By customizing applications, each insecticide or repellent can be used in its most efficient manner possible while minimizing unnecessary applications. Many companies lead their customers to believe that their pyrethrum based misting solutions are “natural”. They are either misinformed or carelessly (or purposely) misleading their customers. Pyrethrum itself is a natural plant derivative but currently there is no way to deliver its active ingredient in an insecticide format without including an active synthetic synergist—making it not, and should not be considered, a completely all natural insecticide.

That’s an excellent question. Your yard size and how frequently you spray affect usage and duration of supply. However, the average home with 30-nozzles, spraying 3-times per day for 35-seconds will last approximately 3-months.

Our quality systems require little ongoing maintenance to keep it in its optimal condition. With every visit, our technician will make sure the entire system, tubing and nozzles are in good working order. They will perform our 10-point inspection to ensure there are no issues and will leave the system performing as if it were brand new. We provide this thorough and comprehensive service at a low flat monthly rate for all our customers.

There is no doubt that our Misting Systems improve your quality and comfort of life. By eliminating the nuisance and irritating bites of Mosquitoes and other insects, it allows you and your family to spend
more quality time outdoors. You may have already invested a significant amount of money and time in your backyard to make it a great place to enjoy. Our Mosquito Misting systems are the perfect complement to allow you to maximize that enjoyment. A secondary benefit is that by reducing the mosquito population within your property, it reduces the risk from infection and potential diseases as well.

Besides mosquitoes, Misting Systems also kills other unwanted pests including spiders, flies, gnats, wasps and no-see-ums. The list goes on and on….(check the label for a complete list)

We are often asked this question…Most systems can be installed by our
expert staff in 4-5 hours. Occasionally, for larger properties, it can take 1-2 business days. Our goal is to minimize disruption and move quickly into getting rid of those pesky mosquitos and other insects.

Yes, many customers purchase a system to specifically keep these type pests away from their homes. Your landscape and garden areas will benefit as our misting systems is very effective against many other insect pests.

Yes. We have a special event spraying available for everything from a small birthday party to a huge wedding reception. Special event treatment is provided 24-48 hours before the event and will remain effective even if it rains.

Under normal conditions, Mosquito treatment applications should dry in 30 minutes. When dry, there is little opportunity for the product to transfer to dry people or pets who brush against the vegetation. However, children and pets should be kept away during application and for the proceeding 30 minutes it takes for the treatment to dry.

Feeling uncomfortable in your own backyard – with a Mosquito Defense Misting System you will not have to!

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