Mosquito Misting System

Our mosquito control system in Houston, TX utilizes a reservoir, pump and motor, automated timer, tubing (to carry insecticides), and a series of specialized nozzles that mist the insecticide around your yard or area that you are trying to control. The reservoir can be placed in the garage, a shed, or outside your house.

mosquito control system houston
mosquito control system in houston

Mosquito Fogging

Mosquito Defense Solutions offers a great alternative to the traditional mosquito control system in Houston. While misting is still the best known method for controlling mosquitoes, there is now a close runner up! Mosquito Fogging treatments in Houston are designed to provide instant relief from mosquitoes and also help to reduce other biting insects such as Ants, Fleas and even Ticks in some cases.

Mosquito Traps

The best way to place mosquito traps in Houston is to put them outdoors at a recommended density of 1/400 m2 (10 Traps per acre) and be maintained every 4 weeks using refill sachets. The product lends itself perfectly for use in vector control programs, particularly in hotspot areas, and by professional pest management companies for Aedes mosquito control services at resorts, hotels and residential sites.

mosquito control system houston tx

Mosquito Defense Solutions was formed with only one goal in mind….to improve the quality of life for families by allowing them to spend more quality time with friends and family outdoors.

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